Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn’t everyone grow flytraps? They must be difficult to grow. Really, what’s the catch?
A: The only ‘catch’ to growing a Venus flytrap is to water it only with distilled water. A two-gallon container can be bought at most big-box or grocery stores for under $2.00. If you have only one or two flytraps, this two dollar investment will last several months. See our care guides for more information. Of course, like any other plant, Venus flytraps will also have lighting and soil preferences, too.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: Your order will always ship the following business day, year-round. Whether you choose First Class (available for lighter shipments) or Priority Mail, the shipping time is generally about 3 days to most of the U.S.

Q: Why aren’t all the flytraps in your store offered in the same sizes?
A: The many cultivars (varieties, mutants, etc.) we carry all have different growth habits due to genetic developmental and metabolic differences. The size options that are available for a given plant represent the size range of that particular plant.

Q: Will my flytraps look like the product images?
A: The flytrap you receive will be genetically identical to the corresponding pictures and will have the potential to look identical to them.  All flytraps will look different depending on the time of year and the care that they receive.  In the winter, flytraps will die back and enter dormancy and will have few, if any, green leaves.  Early in the spring, many flytraps will grow their largest traps but with the shortest leaves, hugging the ground (most likely to keep the traps further from their flowers, allowing pollinators to live).  Later in the year, some flytraps will grow longer leaves and look more spidery in appearance.  Flytraps must receive a lot of light to express any red color inside their traps.  A flytrap grown indoors without true grow lights may not ever develop red traps.

Q: Why do you capitalize ‘Venus flytrap’ the way you do?
A: Venus flytrap is a plant name just like ‘oak tree’ or ‘morning glory.’ Common plant names in English are not capitalized. The exception is when a proper name is included in the plant name, e.g. American, Asian or Venus. So it is proper to capitalize the word ‘Venus’ but not the word ‘flytrap.’ Having said that, when the name is part of a page title or product title, it will be written in title case, and so you may also see ‘Flytrap’ capitalized on this website in those instances.