Venus Flytrap Care Guides

Everything you need to know to get started and grow a Venus flytrap!

1. Venus flytraps MUST have distilled water, reverse osmosis water or clean rain water (not collected from an asphalt-shingled roof).  A Venus flytrap’s soil MUST be kept moist at all times.  Normally, this is done by keeping the pot in a shallow dish of water.  A cheap, $2.00, 2-gallon jug of distilled water will last a single flytrap a VERY long time (months even).

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2. Venus flytraps MUST have soil that is nutrient and fertilizer free.

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3. Flytraps LOVE full sun or to be very close to a grow light if indoors.

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4. Venus flytraps NEED a period of cold winter dormancy each year. This can be achieved with a spot in the fridge if your winters are non-existent or too cold.

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5. Venus flytraps have no feeding requirements.  Of course, you certainly can feed them if you wish.

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